Common mistakes that must be avoided while SSB Conferernce

The conference is the last day of SSB where all the three magistrate or judges(The IO, Psych, and GTO) share the findings of a candidate. Then discuss whether to recommend a candidate or not. Mostly, the candidate who is clearly in or who is clearly out has a conference of a very short duration. Also, a borderline candidate has a conference of a longer duration.

There is nothing extra a candidate could perform in the conference that will earn him brownie points, except for being careful in whatever he is doing and answering during the conference.

SSB confernce

Here are the common mistakes that must be avoided during SSB Conference:

1. Suggesting corrections to the board:

At the end of the conference, a candidate is asked whether he has any suggestions for the board. Although the common answer is no, But still some candidates tend to suggest corrections to the board like there were a lot of mosquitoes, food was not good enough, etc. These are not good manners considering that you were there for everything for free. If you really have better suggestions which save the time and money of the board and also make the process smooth, do share it with them, do not give suggestions just for the sake of it.

2. Complaining about the laundry service or on the support staff:

Be it the CHM who help the assessors or the washerman who washes your clothes. Be officer enough to deal with them yourself.

3. Looking back:

Although it’s not very common, yet this should be avoided at all costs. In some SSBs, there is a display screen at the candidate’s back where his marks are displayed. Even though you know it, a candidate must avoid it at all costs because this could be a serious issue otherwise.

4. Greeting everyone:

When a candidate enters the conference room, he/she finds many officers in uniforms sitting in front of him. As the candidate enters the conference
room, he/She is required to wish only the senior-most officer, who is the president of the board. He/She is not required to greet
remaining officers. This is briefed before the start of the conference by the CHM.

5. Getting too free with the CHM:

In a typical repeater group, there are many candidates who are academy dropouts, previously recommended, NCC cadets or wards of defense
personnel who has seen military life. What’s wrong with them is that they treat the NCOs as their friends in the way they talk or communicate
with them. This is not specific to the conference but can be seen that time and at the time of reporting as they interact with the group
as a whole at that time only.

6. Not preparing the questions asked in the interview:

This could again be a deciding factor if you are a borderline case. When in the interview, if you do not know anything, just say “I don’t know sir, I will find out”. And be ready to answer those questions during the conference.

7. Don’t brainstorm on what is going on inside the room:

Do not think too much about what is going on inside the conference room. What happens inside is least of your concerns. Instead, you must focus on your performance and your conduct at the conference instead of looking someone face who is not sure about the performance.

8. Try to ask candidates what happened in their conference:

Every candidate is assessed based on his/her capability and qualities. So, don’t be very eager as to what was asked to a candidate who went before you. Just keep calm and be your best. Remeber, not everyone is same.

9. Taking too much time:

The conference is the procedure in which the assessors do cross-check their findings and decide whether to recommend a candidate or not. So make sure you avoid to take up too much time thanking them/giving them suggestions or asking for suggestions. This too is not very common, but there are candidates who ask the assessors review on them.10

10. Going in casually dressed attire:

there is a mentality in a candidates’ mind that while it is the last day and nothing is to be assessed, let’s just not dress up perfectly. This is displayed in their casualness in not ironing clothes, wearing white socks in black shoes, not tying a tie correctly, etc. Although it doesn’t matter a lot, sure needs to be taken care of.

These are the most common yet most fatal mistakes that must be avoided by the candidates for their dream job. So be focused and prepared, be like and behave like an officer. Don’t be lousy.